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The MegaPhone Company was formed in 2002 to work on a new generation of MegaPhone and PhonePro products but for technical and legal reasons is unable to sell or support the older versions previously sold by Apple, Aveo, Bing Software, Cypress Research, Compaq, Gateway, or Micron.

The MegaPhone Company provides technical support to our registered customers. Proof of registration consists of the serial number purchased along with the corresponding Technical Support PIN number. In addition to unlimited access to web-based support resources, registered customers receive one free telephone-based support incident for each product purchased. Subsequent technical support incidents will be billed at $35. A support incident consists of a single question and its resolution, regardless of how long the follow-up takes. Telephone technical support is available Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time except on major holidays.

Customers should review the web-based support resources before contacting The MegaPhone Company for technical support. Incidents resulting from bugs that are not documented online or in the documentation provided with the software will be resolved free of charge. Please report bugs using our bug report form.

If you have a version of MegaPhone or PhonePro older than v9.0, you must contact the company from which you obtained it. If you have misplaced your serial number and PIN information, you must purchase another serial number. The MegaPhone Company does not provide support for unregistered products.

The MegaPhone Company cannot provide advice on system design, program architecture, or other development related questions. For help with design and development of telephony solutions please contact a consulting company such as Computer Telepony Solutions. (See our partners page for more information.)

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