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The MegaPhone Company is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable software and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We want you to love our products!

If you've come to this page it probably means that you're having a problem. Here's what you should do:

Step 1.
Check the Version

Check the software version number for the product you're having problems with.

If you've upgraded your operating system, upgraded your modem, or changed computers, you probably need to obtain a new version. Go to the Download Page and see if a newer version is available. If you purchased your software from us recently the upgrade is probably free. If not, you'll have seven days to try out the new version for free.

If you have a version of MegaPhone or PhonePro older than v9.0, you must contact the company from which you obtained it for technical support. The MegaPhone Company is unable to provide support for these older products. Please see our technical support policy for more information.

Step 2.
Browse the Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base contains articles reflecting the questions and problems encountered by our customers.

Chances are any problem that you have will already have been encountered by another customer and documented in the Knowledge Base.

Step 3.
Submit a Bug Report

If the problem you've encountered isn't covered in any Knowledge Base article, we request that you submit a bug report using the Bug Report Form.

We take every bug report very seriously and will investigate the problem right away. If we need clarification we'll call or email you for additional details. Your bug report might result in an update to the software, a new feature in a future version, a change to our documentation, a new Knowledge Base article, or all of the above.

Step 4.
Call for Technical Support

If your software stops working or you have an urgent problem that you can't resolve using the online resources outlined above, you can obtain technical support over the telephone.

Each serial number you purchase includes one free "up and running" technical support call. Subsequent technical support calls are charged at $35 per incident. If you need to speak with one of our technical support representatives, please proceed as described on the phone support page.

The MegaPhone Company provides technical support to our registered customers. Proof of registration consists of the serial number purchased along with the corresponding Technical Support PIN number. Please see our technical support policy for more information.

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