Refund Policy

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The MegaPhone Company is dedicated to providing high quality, reliable software and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We want you to love our products!

Unfortunately, not every computer is equipped with the necessary hardware and/or operating system software needed to run our software. Certain combinations of hardware and software result in certain features being unavailable.

We ask our customer to try out our software on their own systems before purchasing a serial number. If you try out our software and have a problem, please send us an email and let us know so we can fix it -- we want you to make it work for you before you buy!

If you determine that the software is compatible with your hardware and software configuration, and confirm that it meets your needs, we encourage you to purchase a serial number. If a problem emerges during the next 14 days, and you are unable to resolve it using our online support materials or through our technical support group, we will refund your purchase price. If you qualify for a refund, completely remove the software in question from your computer and send an email requesting a refund to refunds@kagi.com. You will then receive a refund agreement to sign and return to us so we can process your refund.

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