PhonePro 9.0

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PhonePro is the original easy to use telephony application builder. By connecting and configuring icons that represent program steps, you can quickly build powerful scripts that handle telephone calls and interact with your callers. PhonePro can be integrated with databases and other applications to build completely automated solutions.

Functionality offered by PhonePro programming steps (icons) include:
  • Answering Calls
  • Dropping Calls
  • Transferring Calls
  • Making Calls
  • Playing Recorded Announcements
  • Speaking Text
  • Recording Messages
  • Detecting Tones
  • Manipulating Variables
  • Manipulating Files
  • Running AppleScripts

PhonePro scripts can include all of the flow control structures needed for building powerful telephony applications. Scripts can launch other scripts, share variables between scripts, and branch based on the value of variables or detected tones. PhonePro scripts can be built to simply interact with telephone callers or can include an on-screen interface for a local user.

Key Features
Drag and Drop Programming
Fast and Easy Development

PhonePro scripts consist of icons representing program steps and lines connecting them that indicate how the script should flow between steps. Building a telephony application is as easy as dragging and dropping icons and drawing the connections between them.

Forms-based Configuration
No Training Required
Each PhonePro icon, or programming step, is configured with a simple form (an icon configuration dialog box) that collects all of the parameters associated with the icon. Configuring an icon typically involves selecting applicable variables from pop-up menus, specifying certain values, and setting checkboxes and radio buttons. In many cases, PhonePro can even guess the appropriate parameters and only a confirmation is required.

Script Check
Find Errors Easily
PhonePro's "Check" function scans a script for errors such as unconnected and unconfigured icons so it's easy to find problems in even the most complicated scripts. Testing for every situation that a telephony application will encounter can be very time consuming. The check function shortens the testing process by finding many mistakes without having to run the script. The "check" function can be automatically invoked every time a script is opened or launched.

Simulation Mode
Test Without a Telephone Line
PhonePro scripts can be executed in simulation mode which requires no telephony hardware. In simulation mode call activity is simulated, sounds are played through the system speakers, sound is recorded from the system microphone, and touchtones are simulated using keys typed on the keyboard. Thanks to simulation mode, scripts can be developed and tested on computers without phone line access or appropriate hardware and then deployed on an appropriate machine once complete.

Animation Mode
View a Script as it Runs
PhonePro's animation mode allows you to watch a live script as it interacts with a caller. As execution of the script moves from one icon to another, the active icon is highlighted. This feature is very helpful when debugging a script as it permits the operation of the script to be easily observed. Animation applies both to scripts that are being executed with simulation and being run with live telephony hardware.

AppleScript Support
Integrate other Applications
PhonePro can execute and pass variables into AppleScripts and external AppleScripts can launch PhonePro scripts and access PhonePro's variables. AppleScript support allows you to provide a telephone interface to your databases, web applications, email, and anything else running on your Macintosh. For example you can construct a script that allows callers to check on the status of an order stored in a FileMaker database. You can write a script that calls your cell phone and reads important emails from selected individuals. You can even write a script that monitors your home using X.10 devices and allows you to remotely control lights or be notified when door sensors are tripped.
New Features

Are you using an older version of PhonePro? Here's what you're missing:

  • PowerPC Native Code
  • Completely redesigned icons
  • New Palette Layout
  • New "PathToFile" Data Type with Date/Time stamping
  • Integrated Call Progress Trainer
  • Improved Window Layouts, Menu Organization, and Terminology
  • Complete Documentation and Updated Examples

System Requirements

There are few restrictions on running PhonePro 9.0 for script development:

  • Macintosh with PowerPC
  • 32MB RAM
  • Local Hard Drive
  • Microphone (and appropriate adapter for your Macintosh if needed)
  • Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2.2 or Classic under Mac OS X

In addition, to deploy your PhonePro solution you'll need a telephone line, compatible telephony hardware, and the corresponding telephone tool software. PhonePro 9.0 supports the GeoPort telecom adapter and includes a telephone tool that supports Apple internal modems with voice functionality and functionally equivalent 3rd party external modems. (Note: newer Apple internal modems no longer support voice and internal modems cannot be used with the Classic environment.) For more on supported modems and configurations please refer to the Knowledge Base.


Single Machine License: $199 (introductory price for a limited time only)

Single Machine License: $229 (regular price)

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