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MegaPhone is a screen based telephony application (SBT) that provides a powerful way to manage your telephone calls from your computer desktop. In addition to drag-and-drop dialing and call logging, MegaPhone includes features like TouchTone Navigator and Smart Speed Dial. With appropriate hardware, MegaPhone supports callerID display, answering machine functionality with multiple mailboxes, music on hold, and speakerphone.

MegaPhone also includes a complete package of fax functionality including automatic fax call arbitration, unattended fax reception, and sending faxes directly from applications.

Key Features
Point and Click Dialing
Place calls effortlessly

MegaPhone allows you dial numbers by copying and pasting them or even dragging them from other applications. You can place calls by selecting a contact or just typing a new phone number. MegaPhone will even try to add or remove leading digits in order to dial the number correctly depending on your location.

Contact Capture
Never Lose a Phone Number
If you call a number that MegaPhone hasn't seen before, it will ask you to enter the contact's name and other related information before you forget or lose track of the phone number.

Import/Export Contacts
Consolidate all Contact Information
MegaPhone provides features to import and export contact information. You can export the new contacts that MegaPhone captures so that it can be used in other databases and address books. You can also import contact information to keep megaphone synchronized with the information in your PDA, CellPhone, or email application.

Speed Dial
Single Click Dialing
In MegaPhone's Address Book you can designate your most frequently called contacts to appear on the Speed Dial menu. A single click on the speed dial pop-up menu on MegaPhone's window is all it takes to place a call.

TouchTone Navigator
Easy access to Automated Systems
MegaPhone keeps track of the touchtones you generate while accessing an automated phone system (an IVR or Interactive Voice Response system) such as the systems used to check the status of your bank account or flight arrival information. TouchTone Navigator allows you to save these sequences and replay them every time you call the same number again.

Call Logging
Let MegaPhone Pay for Itself
MegaPhone logs every call that you make or receive. You can use the call log to call people back, to reconcile your phone bills, or to bill your clients for time on the phone with you.

Call Screening
Take Control of Incoming Calls
When a call arrives for you, MegaPhone can present a window showing who is calling and allowing you to answer the call, ask the caller to wait, or ask the caller to leave a message. This feature requires telephony hardware with appropriate functionality.

Do Not Disturb Mode
Avoid Interruptions
With a click of your mouse, you can invoke Do Not Disturb (DND) mode which prevents calls from disturbing you when you need to concentrate.

Multi-Mailbox Answering Machine
Convenient Access to Messages
When used with hardware that supports call recording, MegaPhone allows callers to leave messages which are stored on your hard disk. MegaPhone allows you to view and listen to your messages the same way that you browse your email. The Multi-Mailbox feature allows you to set up mailboxes for different people that share one phone line or to setup special announcements.

Fax Send and Receive
You Only Need One Phone Line
MegaPhone allows you to send and receive faxes using the same modem and phoneline that you use for phone calls. When you aren't around to answer your phone, MegaPhone answers and discriminates between fax calls and voice calls. Faxes are automatically received and placed in a mailbox. Voice callers are greeted with a message that you record and can leave a message in a selected mailbox. You can send faxes from any application or use the built-in fax wizard to address and assemble an outgoing fax.
Toll Saver
Save Money on Remote Message Retrieval
MegaPhone's Toll Saver option allows you to save the cost of a long distance call when checking for messages remotely. By activating this feature you can check to see if you have messages waiting for you without having to pay for the call.

System Requirements

MegaPhone 2002v2 requires:

  • Windows PC
  • 32MB RAM
  • At least 60MB of hard disk space
  • System Microphone and Speaker (for messaging features)
  • Fax or Fax/Voice or Fax/Voice/SpeakerPhone Modem
  • Optional speakerphone microphone and speakers (if required by modem)
  • Telephone service
MegaPhone 2002v2 will run on the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 95b
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98se
  • Windows Me
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP Home & Pro (with Service Pack 1)
However, we cannot provide technical support for users on with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT systems. We recommend users upgrade to Windows 98se or Windows 2000 or other newer operating system.

Note: The functionality you will experience when using MegaPhone depends upon the capabilities of your modem and your phone line.) Refer to the Knowledge Base for additional information.

MegaPhone 2002v2 New Features

New features in MegaPhone 2002v2 include:

  • Built-in system and modem compatibility testing
  • Automatic importing of address book data, mailboxes, and mailbox settings from older versions of MegaPhone
  • Support for selecting among multiple installed modems
  • Smaller installation files
  • "MegaPhone Extras". An optional installation that provides alternate Music on Hold and ring sound options.
  • Toll Saver. A feature that allows you to remotely check for pending messages without having to sign on.
  • Improved sound recording and playback. Sound conversion capability is now performed on the fly, addressing issues in the previous version that were reported by some users.

MegaPhone 2002v2 is a free upgrade for those who purchase MegaPhone 2002. To upgrade, download the appropriate installer for your operating system, uninstall MegaPhone 2002 using the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, and run the new installer.


Single Machine License: $59 ("upgrade" from a previous version of MegaPhone)

Single Machine License: $79 (introductory price for a limited time only)

Single Machine License: $99 (regular price)

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