MegaPhone 9.0

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MegaPhone is a screen based telephony application (SBT) that provides a powerful way to manage your telephone calls from your computer desktop. In addition to drag-and-drop dialing, callerID display, and call logging, MegaPhone includes features like VoiceMail, TouchTone Navigator, and Smart Speed Dial, and automatic synchronization with contact databases.

Key Features
Point and Click Dialing
Place calls effortlessly

MegaPhone allows you dial numbers by copying and pasting them or even dragging them from other applications. You can place calls by selecting a contact or just typing a new phone number. MegaPhone will even try to add or remove leading digits in order to dial the number correctly depending on your location.

Contact Capture
Never Lose a Phone Number
If you call a number that MegaPhone hasn't seen before, it will ask you to enter the contact's name and other related information before you forget or lose track of the phone number.

Synchronize Contacts
Consolidate all Contact Information
MegaPhone can synchronize the contact information it captures and uses with external databases and address books so that all of your contact information is consolidated and consistent with your PDA, CellPhone, Time and Billing System, or other contact database.

Smart Speed Dial
Intelligent Assistance
MegaPhone keeps track of the numbers you call the most and the numbers you've called most recently. It presents these in a Smart Speed Dial list so that you can dial them with a single click.

TouchTone Navigator
Easy access to Automated Systems
MegaPhone keeps track of the touchtones you generate while accessing an automated phone system (an IVR or Interactive Voice Response system) such as the systems used to check the status of your bank account or flight arrival information. TouchTone Navigator allows you to save these sequences and replay them every time you call the same number again.

Call Logging
Let MegaPhone Pay for Itself
MegaPhone logs every call that you make or receive. You can use the call log to call people back, to reconcile your phone bills, or to bill your clients for time on the phone with you.

AppleScript/Apple Event Support
Easy Application Integration
Macintosh users can integrate all of their key applications with MegaPhone using AppleScript. Need to call a client directly from your Time and Billing system? Need to call everyone that owes you money from your accounting application? Need to call someone from your calendar application to let them know you're running late? Do all this and more using AppleScript.

Call Screening
Take Control of Incoming Calls
When a call arrives for you, MegaPhone can present a window showing who is calling and allowing you to answer the call, ask the caller to wait, or ask the caller to leave a message. This feature requires telephony hardware with appropriate functionality.

Do Not Disturb Mode
Avoid Interruptions
With a click of your mouse, you can invoke Do Not Disturb (DND) mode which prevents calls from disturbing you when you need to concentrate.

Multi-Mailbox Answering Machine
Convenient Access to Messages
When used with hardware that supports call recording, MegaPhone allows callers to leave messages which are stored on your hard disk. MegaPhone allows you to view and listen to your messages the same way that you browse your email. The Multi-Mailbox feature allows you to set up mailboxes for different people that share one phone line or to setup special announcements.

System Requirements

MegaPhone 9.0 requires:

  • Macintosh with PowerPC
  • 7MB RAM
  • At least 40MB of hard disk space
  • Microphone (and appropriate adapter for your Macintosh if needed)
  • Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2.2 or Classic under Mac OS X
  • Telephony hardware and associated telephone tool software
  • Telephone service

MegaPhone supports the GeoPort telecom adapter and includes a telephone tool that supports Apple internal modems with voice functionality and functionally equivalent 3rd party external modems. (Note: Newer Apple internal modems no longer support voice and internal modems cannot be used with the Classic environment.) For more on supported modems and configurations please refer to the Knowledge Base.

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