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The MegaPhone Company appreciates all bug reports submitted for any of our products.

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Technical Support

The MegaPhone Company was formed in 2002 to work on a new generation of MegaPhone and PhonePro products but for technical and legal reasons is unable to sell or support the older versions previously sold by Apple, Aveo, Bing Software, Cypress Research, Compaq, Gateway, or Micron. Please do not attemp to submit a bug report for one of these other products. If you have a version of MegaPhone or PhonePro published before 2002, you must contact the company from which you obtained it. If you have misplaced your serial number and PIN information, you must purchase another serial number. The MegaPhone Company does not provide support for unregistered products. See our Technical Support Policy for more information.

Beta Program Terms

Beta software is intended for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY and is NOT SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTION OR EVERYDAY USE. No warranty of any kind is provided and you are not authorized to use beta products for any purpose other than evaluation and testing. Each Beta product provided to you will have an associated expiry date and is not to be used after this expiry date. Beta products may also be limited to a certain number of launches.

Joining the Beta Program

If you would like to participate in the Beta Program, please click here.

If you qualify for beta testing, we will contact you with instructions for downloading the beta software you request.

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