Beta Program

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The MegaPhone Company makes Beta software available to select customers upon request.

Beta Program Terms

Beta software is intended for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY and is NOT SUITABLE FOR PRODUCTION OR EVERYDAY USE. No warranty of any kind is provided and you are not authorized to use beta products for any purpose other than evaluation and testing. Each Beta product provided to you will have an associated expiry date and is not to be used after this expiry date. Beta products may also be limited to a certain number of launches. Bugs are to be reported using the online bug report form.

Joining the Beta Program

Please provide the following information and review the beta software terms above. All fields must be completed. By submitting this form you agree to these terms for each and every beta product we provide to you. Please press the agree button when you are ready to submit this form.

If you qualify for beta testing, we will contact you with instructions for downloading the beta software you request.

Beta Application Form
Postal Address:
Postal Address (cont.):
ZIP/Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Company Name:
Number of Employees:
Computer Model/Year:
Operating System/Version:
Modem Brand/Model:
Products Requested: MegaPhone 9.0 and 10 for Mac OS
PhonePro 10 for Mac OS X

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