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The worldwide leader in personal telephony software, The MegaPhone Company has two product lines: MegaPhone and PhonePro. With millions of copies installed around the world, these products are among the most widely distributed computer telephony applications.

Recent News: July 21, 2003: MegaPhone 2002v2 Released
  Dec 18, 2002: MegaPhone 2002 Announced
  Nov. 15, 2002: PhonePro 9.0 Released to Public
  July 18, 2002: New Telephony Products Unveiled at MacWorld Expo

Mac OS

MegaPhone is a screen based telephony application (SBT) that provides a powerful way to manage your telephone calls from your computer desktop. In addition to drag-and-drop dialing, callerID display, and call logging, MegaPhone includes features like VoiceMail, TouchTone Navigator, and Smart Speed Dial, and synchronization with contact databases.
MegaPhone 2002v2 for Windows is available for a limited time at the introductory price of $79.


PhonePro is the original easy to use telephony application builder. By connecting and configuring icons that represent program steps, you can quickly build powerful scripts that handle telephone calls and interact with your callers. PhonePro can be integrated with databases and other applications to build completely automated solutions.
PhonePro is available for a limited time at the introductory price of $199.


For help planning, designing, and implementing systems based on PhonePro and MegaPhone, we recommend the consulting services of Computer Telephony Solutions:
Computer Telephony Solutions

The following are copies of presentations you may find useful:
Technical Support

The MegaPhone Company provides technical support to our registered customers. Proof of registration consists of the serial number purchased along with the corresponding Technical Support PIN number. In addition to unlimited access to web-based support resources, registered customers receive one free telephone-based support incident for each product purchased.Customers should review the web-based support resources before contacting The MegaPhone Company for technical support. Incidents resulting from bugs that are not documented online or in the documentation provided with the software will be resolved free of charge. Please report bugs using our bug report form.

If you have a version of MegaPhone or PhonePro that was published before 2002, you must contact the company from which you obtained it. The MegaPhone Company cannot provide support for these older versions.

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